Sven Luijten

Thundercat: Europe tour (Amsterdam)

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Yes I've seen Thundercat once, but what about second Thundercat? I mean, who wouldn't want to experience this show again? It was, again, phenomenal. An onslaught of excellent music, and the audience's good vibes from yesterday extended to today.

Thundercat performing in Paradiso, Amsterdam

I'd brought some records for him to sign yesterday, but he didn't sign them then. So I figured, why not try again today? And sure enough; at the end of his set (after the encore and everything), he waved at me to hand him the record and a marker and I got it signed!

Thundercat's autograph on the cover of my copy of his album 'It Is What It Is' on vinyl

Thrilled to have seen Thundercat (again), and to have his autograph on my copy of It Is What It Is!