Sven Luijten

Thundercat: Europe tour (Utrecht)

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This is one of my all-time favorite shows I've ever been to! When I showed up to the queue I met some people I'd seen at other shows, so that made the waiting a lot more bearable. I snuck past the fence to put some of my stuff in a locker before the doors even opened, but got caught pretty quickly. I hastily stuffed everything in the tiny locker and returned to the queue.

The show itself was absolutely incredible. It was mesmerizing seeing Thundercat at work on the bass guitar; his skills are absolutely off the charts. One of the best bass players of all time, period. And speaking of incredible musicians, the drummer was amazing! The dense music and patterns of Thundercat's music are already kind of "a lot" to listen to, but this drummer kept up without breaking a sweat. Absolute legend.

He played for a whole two hours, about half of which was filled with new unreleased songs (presumably) from his upcoming album. This show only made me more hyped for it to finally come out, I can't wait anymore!

Close-up of Thundercat playing the bass guitar

The group I was with at the front of the stage knew every word to Mac Miller's What's The Use?, so Thundercat just kept playing and listening to us scream all the lyrics at him. Good times, man. The audience's vibe in general was super chill; no pushing or annoying screaming during the show. Just a bunch of people there to enjoy the entrancing performance.