Sven Luijten

How I create (signed) tags in Git

Published on 1 minute to read

I have a GPG key set up to do most of my Git work. This way, everyone can safely assume that the commits and tags I am pushing were actually made by me. I have configured my global ~/.gitconfig file in such a way that every commit I do is automagically signed with my GPG key:

    gpgsign = true

However, it is not possible (as far as I know) to automagically sign tags with my GPG key in this way. So I use the following command to create signed (and annotated) tags in Git:

$ git tag -s v3.4.0 -m 'Version 3.4.0'

After this, you have to of course push the tags to your remote:

$ git push --tags

And that’s it!