Sven Luijten

Enable IntelliSense for PHP Extensions in PhpStorm

Published on 1 minute to read

If you want to use a non-standard PHP extension in your project (like Parle) you might run into a problem when trying to use it in PhpStorm: no IntelliSense! To fix this, all you need to do is enable the extension in PhpStorm's settings:

  1. Open Settings and go to PHP (Preferences | PHP).
  2. Click the PHP Runtime tab and expand the PECL section.
  3. Make sure Parle (or whatever extension you are trying to install) is enabled.
  4. Hit apply and close the settings window.

Enabling PHP extensions in PHP's interpreter in PhpStorm

You should now have autocomplete/IntelliSense once again!

If you have a CLI interpreter configured, this is also where you can find a "Sync Extensions with Interpreter" button to have it automatically read your extensions and enable/disable them when needed.