Sven Luijten

Default apps at the end of 2023

Published on 3 minutes to read

After seeing this on Chris Coyier's blog and subsequently listening to episode 097 of "Hemispheric Views" I figured I'd chime in.

Some bonus apps I use that don't fit into the above categories:

  • Raycast as a launcher, snippet repository, and clipboard manager.
  • Rectangle for window management.
  • Smooze to make scrolling on macOS not annoying.
  • Toggl Track for time tracking.
  • Endel to help me stay focussed during long stretches of work.
  • Apple's and in combination with my Apple Watch to keep me healthy and somewhat sane.

Robb has created a massive list of links to other people's default apps, if you want to go see their setups. I might do one every year; would be interesting to see how this list evolves over time.