Sven Luijten

Danny Brown: Quaranta tour

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Man the crowd was feeling this show! First the opener (Keenan Mundane) pleasantly surprised everyone with his performance. You could really hear the Danny Brown influence, but he still gave his music his own twist to make it not sound like a cheap knock-off. And he made all the beats himself! It was just him with a little DJ panel and a mic.

Not even 15 minutes into Danny Brown’s set, I was drenched in my own and other people’s sweat. Moshing can be fun at times, but this was a bit much for me. I was (perhaps unfairly) surprised at how good Danny sounded live. His voice had a massive range in- and outside the studio.

I jumped and moshed to the side of the stage to watch the rest of the performance in a bit more peace, and after enjoying Danny’s set of about an hour, I managed to make it out of the venue nice and early.

Danny Brown performing on stage

My favorites from this show were Dip, Orange Juice Jones, his verse on Really Doe (plus the audience call-and-response for the chorus), and Side B (Dope Song) as part of the encore.