Sven Luijten

Avatar in Concert

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As mentioned in the post I made when I went to Avatar in Concert in London earlier this year, I also had the opportunity to go see it again in Rotterdam. And I'm so happy I did! While somehow less impressive (maybe because the novelty had worn off for me), it was still a fantastic and memorable show.

The conductor (David Mahoney) led the Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra brilliantly through the music of my absolute favorite TV show. The soloists that were present at this show (Hong Wang and Celia Liu) were incredible as well, it all sounded great.

A live orchestra performing music from Avatar: The Last Airbender on stage, with a scene from the show playing on a projected screen above them

Unfortunately Jeremy Zuckerman (who made the original score for Avatar: The Last Airbender) couldn't be there, but that didn't take away from the incredible show he still managed to produce. All in all I was very happy with the fact that I could experience this performance again, this time a little closer to home.