Sven Luijten

Die Antwoord: REANIMATED tour

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I used to listen to Die Antwoord a lot back when their music was still relatively fresh, so when I saw their tour announcement I had a wave of nostalgia wash over me, followed by a week of re-acquainting myself with their catalog.

The show far exceeded my expectations. I'd set my expectations low because the duo don't generally give off a "trustworthy" vibe to me. But when I say this show rocked, I mean it. Both Ninja and Yolandi commandeered the stage seemingly with great ease, and DJ Hi-Tek did a phenomenal job with the music, as always.

The only part of the show where they lost me (and most of the audience) was when they brought their daughter out to just kind of... walk around stage for a bit, say a few words, and then walk off again. Not a good look, especially with the child abuse allegations they have racked up over the years.

Either way, it was a really fun show! Very bombastic sounds with a real zef edge to it.

Die Antwoord performing live on stage

Fatty Boom Boom — which they opened with — will be stuck in my head for the next week or so. And their live performances of Ugly Boy and Baby's On Fire were fantastic, too!