Sven Luijten

Kota The Friend: Lyrics To Go tour

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After three honestly pretty decent openers (Stripe, W.O.N, and Roets), Kota took the stage and his energy immediately lit up the whole venue! This guy has a lot of fun doing what he does, and it definitely shows.

I'll be honest and say that I don't know the lyrics to most of his songs (there are so many!) so I couldn't answer his call for the audience to sing along, but the little bits I do know I sang along to wholeheartedly; just like the rest of the audience.

Kota asked the couple next to me to join him on stage to sing them one of his more lovey-dovey songs, and he closed the show by calling about 10-15 people on stage to dance along and get the rest of the crowd moving.

Kota The Friend performing on stage

At the end of the show Kota mentioned he'd be at the merch booth signing merch, so I had to go and grab me a vinyl record to get it signed. I'm very happy with my signed copy of FOTO, and that I got a little exchange in with Kota while he signed my record.

Vinyl cover of Kota The Friend's album 'FOTO', with Kota's autograph in the upper left corner

Summer House, Hollywood, and SEDONA rocked the house, and I absolutely love that he performed his remix of Mac Miller's 2009 after another audience member asked him to. Good call!