Sven Luijten

Conway the Machine: Europe tour 2024

1 minute to read

This show had a lot going for it! It was my first time in this venue (Effenaar in Eindhoven), and it was great. They even had a little pop-up vinyl stand with 5-6 boxes of US hip-hop records to browse and potentially buy.

The grimy rap that Conway is best known for absolutely oozed off the stage, with his entire crew hyping him up behind him while he was doing his thing. I'm not super familiar with all of his music and certainly couldn't sing/rap along to the vast majority of it, but I still had a great time vibing out!

Conway the Machine performing live on stage

The crowd got into it more and more as the evening progressed, with Conway treating us to his remix of Keem and Kendrick's Family Ties at the very end. I loved this show!