Sven Luijten

Amaarae: Fountain Baby tour

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When Amaarae's album "Fountain Baby" dropped last year, I was instantly hooked. She was initially planning on coming to Europe at the end of last year, but that got pushed back because she was asked to join Kaytranada and Aminé on their tour in the US. Understandable, but it meant we had to wait a bit longer before we could enjoy her live show.

The opener for the show was a "DJ" set from Femoski, but they should've just put on a Spotify playlist... After grinding our teeth through that opening act, Amaarae took the stage and she rocked it! Her vocals don't lend themselves to live shows very much, which is why I think she leaned so heavily on playback and layering her vocals during her performance.

But she did bring the energy, and it was great to hear these tracks that I've been enjoying for about a year now live!

Amaarae performing live on stage

I won't soon forget her opening with Angels in Tibet, the crowd going wild to Co-Star, and energetic punk-rock part of Sex, Violence, Suicide!