Sven Luijten


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I was super impressed with how effortless Yasiin Bey performed MF DOOM's songs. The intricate rhyme schemes and hard-to-predict flows of the original tracks makes them very (very) difficult to rap along to, let alone perform live. But I suppose that's what prompted Yasiin to say:

Listen, I'm really good at this rap thing.

And honestly... Yeah, I agree. He nailed every verse, and some of his (unreleased) solo work he did towards the end sounded great as well. This show was a beautiful tribute to the masked villain, and a reminder of just how great of a rapper he was. MF DOOM: "your favorite rapper's favorite rapper."

Yasiin Bey standing on stage with both hands up, facing a crowd of people. The photo was taken from above the crowd.

I just wish he would have gotten on stage on time, instead of making us wait 50 minutes past the scheduled starting time.

Meat Grinder, Curls, and of course All Caps were the stand-out songs for me this evening.