Sven Luijten

J.I.D: The Forever Story tour

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Anticipating a large crowd for this show, I showed up about 3 hours before doors opened. Turns out that wasn't necessary at all, I was the only one there. Walked around the block and had some food, show up again 45 minutes later and there's just 3 other people. Security guy setting up the queue came out of the venue and told us to go and enjoy ourselves in Amsterdam, if we came back around 6pm he'd bump us to the front of the queue. So when I showed up a bit later, security flagged me down and I could be the first in the queue. Hell yeah.

Entering the venue, we joined the people who booked a Meet & Greet directly in front of the stage. I had my records with me that I placed next to the stage monitors along with the markers.

The show was incredible! I've been waiting for JID to tour Europe for a while now, and finally getting to see him after nearly missing out on tickets was crazy. The audience, on the other hand, wasn't so great. There was so much unnecessary pushing, screaming, and grabbing which detracted from the whole experience.

Either way, JID ended up seeing my records perched on the stage halfway through the show, picked up a marker, and signed them right then and there.

JID performing

Standouts from this performance were Stars (for which he sat down off the edge of the stage, right where I was standing), Surround Sound, Kody Blu 31, Off Deez, and Wells Fargo. Yes, it was hard to pick favorites from this show because his set (and discography, to be honest) is absolutely packed with bangers.

Record sleeves of "The Forever Story" and "DiCaprio 2" signed by JID