Sven Luijten

The Weeknd: After Hours Til Dawn tour

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We arrived just as Mike DEAN (the first opener) was working towards the end of his set, during which we found a spot to chill out near the front of the stage. The second opener was Kaytranada, whom I listen to quite a bit as it is, so when I saw he was one of the openers for The Weeknd today I got extra excited! His set was dope with a lot of his classics, unreleased exclusives, and his newest stuff with Aminé thrown in.

30 minutes before The Weeknd was scheduled to take the stage, the lights dimmed and the music started, which was a nice surprise. Immediately noticable is how Abel gave his all during this performance; the way this man commanded the stage was absolutely incredible.

The stage design was also immaculate; the huge moon hanging over the catwalk, the statue in the angelic pose, and the metallic city skyline on the stage were very impressive and were incorporated into the show very well.

The Weeknd

Standouts for me were him performing Hurricane (+ accompanying pyrotechnics), Less Than Zero, and Blinding Lights.