Sven Luijten

Chance The Rapper: Coloring Book tour

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My first show ever, and it was a good one! Started off with Samm Henshaw and Jay Prince as openers; Samm Henshaw's act definitely piqued my interest and I will be diving into his music discrography afterwards! As soon as Chance took the stage, someone threw his beer towards him. This prompted a re-do of the intro, but thankfully the rest of the show went off without a hitch, and we all had a great night.

I was nervous as this was my first ever live show (and I went alone!), but that all faded very quickly. Everyone there is a stranger, but you at least have one thing in common, and that is your love and appreciation for the artist you're there to see.

Chance The Rapper at the show in 2016

Standouts from that evening were Angels (which he opened with), Ultralight Beam, and Same Drugs, which most of the crowd sang along to. He was so taken aback by it!.